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Organisations recognise their responsibility to provide a means to ensure all staff are aware of mental health. 
Mental Health Awareness is a course suitable for everyone and provides a good understanding about mental health in a leisure environment. It provides a general overview of the basic themes and issues surrounding mental health, and information on common conditions. It will enable staff to step inside the experiences of people with mental health conditions and see a leisure facility through their eyes. It also provides practical which can be used to turn understanding into action. 

Although many of our clients have designated mental health first aiders and provide some training face to face, this course extends the reach of mental health awareness to ALL staff.

This course is made up of four easily accessible modules with an assessment at the end to test understanding of the content covered.

MODULE 1 - Understanding Mental Health
Outlines the course aims, the meaning of mental health, a summary of relevant statistics and testing staff understanding. 
MODULE 2 - Everyday Living and Attitudes

Explains how poor mental health can effect everyday living, common attitudes and stigmas towards poor mental health (and how they can impact upon people's lives)
MODULE 3 - Mental Health Conditions
Looks at some common mental health conditions, such as; OCD, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Stress and Depression. 
MODULE 4 - Stories, Scenarios and Activites
There are examples focussing on the difficulties of poor mental health within a leisure environment. 

1) Designed with the end user in mind:
with engaging content that encourages interaction whilst getting the key messages across.

2) Fully Optimised:
to work across all devices and 100% online with with various accessibility options. 

3) Time sensitive:
with an everage completion time of just 30-minutes, with no time limits.

4) Quality assured:
independently written and audited by a mental health subject expert.

For further course information and details on how you can access this course for your organisation please get in touch

"I thought it was a very good course especially with an increase of cases within the workplace that we are aware of! I think it will definitely help make staff more aware and give them a better understanding of the different aspects of Mental Health".
Sally Davis, General Manager
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the data privacy course was clear and simple, extremely relevant for our sector with some excellent examples to work through - great job! 

Sara Gosling, People Director, Halo Leisure
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