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Office move
The new office move gets closer. Looking forward to getting the keys and moving in next month. 
Proven benefits
Digital technologies have already proven benefits to learners and managers. Digital learning technologies help employees:

Learn more efficiently: Digital assessments offers rapid feedback on employees understanding, allowing both the employee and manager (who can access this information) to concentrate their efforts on where further understanding is most needed. Adaptive hinting, which provides guidance to incorrect responses, corrects misperceptions immediately and helps users to figure out problems real-time.

Learn more fully: Rapid assessment, simulations, visualisations, games, annotation technology, and videos provide a richer learning environment toward a fuller understanding of concepts. Annotation technologies, discussion boards, and online support provide additional forums for discussion, debate, conjecture, and edification.

Learn with mastery: The ability to pace learning to one’s preference, to review material, and to be assessed on a piece of learning before moving to another leads to mastery learning.

Learn anytime, anywhere: Asynchronous classrooms allow users to “go to school” where and when they are most ready to learn.  This helps users access information when they need it.
Transform the landscape
Here are some key benefits in which elearning continues to transform the landscape of learning and development within the leisure sector:
1. It is what employees and operators want;
2. It offers faster delivery and lower cost;
3. It enables more effective learning; and
4. It has a lower environmental impact.
Monthly round up
It's been another busy month at E4B:
Let's take a look back at some of our eLearning highlights during the month of June.
In addition to all the usual bits and bobs (client reviews, new content being written and technical support):

1. Official launch of our dementia awareness in the leisure environment online course
2. We completed the storyboards for two new onboarding programmes
3. Following a successful client review, we launched a new corporate induction program
4. We launched My Learning Space, making courses more accessible to a wider range of clients/learners
5. We have broken through the 1,000-user barrier on our data privacy awareness course
Welcome Magna Vitae
We are pleased to be able to share the news of another organisation we are supporting with the delivery of their digital learning solution. Magna Vitae Leisure Trust are a Charitable Trust with a mission to provide an extraordinary range of cultural, leisure and health related facilities and services that allow local people to live a great life. Work has started on building their learning environment and collating content for their bespoke courseware.
New course (data privacy awareness) goes live
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25th May 2018.
This course covers the key principles of the GDPR and how to adopt good data handling practices to ensure your organisation can comply with GDPR requirements while continuing to provide a high level of service to your customers.

Many employees may lack the necessary knowledge to manage and protect data and risk falling foul of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation.
‘Ignorance’ will not be an excuse and could in fact put you in a far worse position with the regulators.
You need to be prepared, have the processes in place and understand what actions you need to take now to ensure compliance.

Making staff aware of GDPR and its legal requirements is a key element in any organisation’s GDPR compliance framework. A lack of an effective staff awareness programme means that organisations run the risk of breaching GDPR, which can have serious financial consequences and cause reputational damage.
Organisations should be designing and implementing an engaging training programme to give staff a clear understanding of the key changes introduced by GDPR and the requirements that will affect their daily work.

By the end of this course learners will:

Understand the background to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) including:
- Why data privacy is important
- Key definitions and scope for GDPR.

Understand what personal data they may come into contact with.
Understand the foundations of good personal data handling in the workplace.

Introducing Data Privacy Awareness, an interactive eLearning module designed to embed core GDPR principles to reduce the risk of data breach by employees.

Data Privacy Awareness! Features
- Relevant and realistic scenarios
- Easy navigation, designed with the end user in mind
- A quiz at the end to test learner’s knowledge
- Estimated seat time of just 30 minutes: though no time limits
- Quality content, verified by a GDPR specialist.

This online awareness course is divided into four accessible mini modules.

Module 1: Introduction
- Learning objectives
- Background
- Personal Data
- Special Category Data.

Module 2: Identifying Risks
- Working at Site
- Working off Site.

Module 3: Scenarios
- Personal Data Scenarios of typical situations that may be experienced within the workplace

Module 4: Quiz 
If you are interested in providing your staff with an understanding of some key changes introduced by GDPR and some of the relevant requirements that will affect their daily work please get in touch and we will send you further details including associated costs. 

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